There has been no shortage of chatter and speculation surrounding the proposed cuts to insurance premiums being promised by the current Ontario government. And while we could all use a break in the pocketbook, the essential question on everyone's mind is simply this: Can they deliver on these proposed cuts? If so, how?

photo credit: Alejandro Mallea

Will we really see a full 15 percent cut?

At the 2014 National Insurance Board of Canada Conference (held September 21, 2014 in Ottawa, Ontario), at the session entitled “Taking the Pulse: Where are we at with auto insurance”, panelists discussed and debated whether or not the proposed 15% decrease in auto insurance premiums was truly realistic.

General consensus among panelists was that the proposed 15% decrease in auto insurance premiums would be great for consumers, and would certainly allow the current government to make good on a key part of their proposed insurance reforms, there is simply not enough room to make it happen.

In an article posted on Canadianunderwriter.ca, Barbara Sulzenko-Laurie, Vice-President of Policy Development for the Insurance Bureau of Canada, is quoted as saying:

“… in our conversations with the superintendent of insurance, he’s indicated to us that no one in FSCO believes that there’s 15% that’s in the system (to be reduced).”

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