With the holiday season upon us, and the party circuit in full swing, “‘tis the season” for safeguarding against costly insurance claims that can arise from hosting functions linked to your company.

Even for smaller companies, there are great risks associated from serving alcohol. Whether it be a holiday party, new year’s celebration or just an informal get together with employees, you need to know when you are liable.

Before you start planning a party it is a smart idea to sit down with an insurance professional to determine exactly what is at stake when you are playing host to employees and clients. It is important for business owners to educate themselves on what they need to keep an eye out for.

Perhaps the most risky aspect of any business party is alcohol. Whether it is served at a bar, pillowex.com in the office, or at a private residence, you and your company could be held responsible for the actions of guests that consume alcohol. The scope of what you are potentially on the hook for when serving alcohol always seems to be increasing, so talk with a commercial insurance broker and determine a more risk-friendly party idea.

  • Moving the party to a breakfast or lunch function is going to make the absence of alcohol less noticeable for those that would normally imbibe.
  • Consider making the party a themed get together such as a skating party or another such activity that is fun but isn’t conducive to drinking.
  • Make sure that if you don’t serve alcohol, you put that extra money into serving lavish food and premium non-alcoholic beverages to keep people focused on what they have and not the alcohol that isn’t present.

Before you use your office space for a party or play the host this season, make sure that you are prepared for any incident. Feel free to contact us to if you have any questions regarding your liability as a business owner, or a homeowner, when it comes to holiday celebrations.