Roughley Insurance staff members cheering around a table while watching a Toronto Blue Jays game

Does Your Business Have the Right Insurance Coverage?

When's the last time you looked over your insurance coverage? If you're like most busy business owners, it's probably been a while. It's important to make sure you have the right coverages for your various business exposures. Even if you think you know what's in your...

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Spring Home Maintenance to Keep your Home Running Smoothly

A little home maintenance in the Spring will go a long way for the seasons ahead. With the warmer weather comes an opportunity to get your home in top shape. This isn’t just for appearance either – these tasks can prevent damage and reduce your chances of a house insurance claim.

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Cyber Security Throughout COVID-19

We have made an easy target for cyber criminals. We are online now more than ever – cyber criminals take advantage of high-profile events, like COVID-19, and prey on our emotions and our devices.

Whether you are working from home, shopping online or spending more time on social media, there are some simple steps you can take to protect yourself and your data while online.

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The Future of the Insurance Industry

Insurance rates are determined based upon the probability of an accident happening – a flood, for example. If the insurance industry is unable to accurately predict the probability of a flood or if floods are increasing in frequency, rates rise.

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What is in your vehicle emergency kit?

Being prepared for any situation while on the road will provide you with peace-of-mind and the tools to overcome a potentially dangerous situation. Public Safety Canada has put together a great resource for you that includes items you should keep in your vehicle in...

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Be Prepared for a Motor Vehicle Accident

Have you ever been involved in a motor vehicle accident? No one wants it to happen to them but the reality is that it might happen to you. If it does, being prepared for what happens directly after the accident is important. What to do if you have an accident: Call...

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