Winter weather can spell insurance disaster!

You’re a smart small business owner. You pay attention to your customers needs. You pay attention to your bottom line. How closely do you pay attention to the weather?

In the winter, January through March are prime season for icy conditions and that means you are taking on extra risk as a business or property owner. Slippery walkways result in a great deal of insurance claims each year, but if you aren’t properly covering your own tail when it comes to slip and fall lawsuits, you could find your profit margin cooling off very drastically.

. . . .

If you don’t have coverage and don’t understand what your liability is regarding property maintenance, you need to stop get clear on your policy coverage!

Even if you are already signed up for a policy that covers you for slip and fall Navnet Stanford Wong er synonymt med at vinde i blackjack – bogstaveligt talt. accidents, make sure that you are as safe as you think; you might be surprised at what you could still be on the hook if someone does hurt themselves on your property. Here are a few tips to minimize your chances of landing in a slippery situation:

  • The best way to avoid being stuck on the hook for damages is to do your best to make sure your property is safe so nobody hurts themselves in the first place.
  • Write a plan that outlines potentially dangerous areas on your property and how you are going to keep them safe.
  • Have a routine of de-icing and safeguarding trouble spots and document each time you inspect them.
  • Accurate record keeping goes a long way to proving that you haven’t been negligent. Document the weather conditions each day and pay special attention in your log book to walkways and parking lots during the winter.

If you own a larger property, things get more complicated and maintenance work can be more then you can take care of yourself. You can hire a maintenance company to take care of it for you, but be sure that you get your contract reviewed by a lawyer or bring it to your insurance broker or advisor so that you understand exactly what you are and are not responsible for.

Understanding your insurance needs is complicated and for a better understanding of what coverage your unique business needs, get educated on what you need to manage the extra risk that comes with snowy weather.

Originally posted by Durham Business Times Blogging Team