What Is A Broker?

Quite simply, a broker buys and sells things on behalf of other people. In the case of Roughley Insurance Brokers, we source insurance policies for our clients – personal home, personal auto, commercial, specialty – and assemble the best possible coverage at the most affordable price.

At Roughley, we promise an exceptional customer service experience. To do this, we:

  1. Represent YOU, our client, and not the insurance companies.
  2. Shop around and negotiate the best coverage and premiums across as many of 15 insurance companies. We leverage our great working relationships with the insurance companies to secure the best coverage and pricing possible for our clients.
  3. Assess your specific insurance needs. There is rarely a ‘one-size-fits-all’ policy, because no two clients are exactly alike.
  4. Are your personal and commercial insurance information experts. You can count on Roughley to give you the advice you need to make informed and educated decision when when it comes to purchasing your appropriate level of insurance.
  5. Advocate on behalf of YOU, our client, in the event of a claim. We will go out of our way to ensure your claim is handled promptly and to make sure you are treated fairly by the insurance company.
  6. We act as your trusted insurance advisor. At Roughley Insurance Brokers we personally review each and every renewal, and offer recommendations for coverage improvements. You can count on us to stay apprised of changes in the insurance industry, or legislation that may impact your coverage, and to keep you informed.

If you are looking for insurance, or if you are wondering if you have the correct level of coverage, contact us today to find out how Roughley Insurance Brokers can help.

Getting the right coverage at the right price… That’s The Roughley Advantage.