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Do small businesses have a false sense of cyber-security?

by July 25, 2014
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A recent article posted on CanadianUnderwriter.ca tackled the issue of cyber-security, and shines a light on the fact that small businesses may not be taking their cyber-risks seriously. Businesses outside the information technology sector seem less likely to seek cyber liability insurance since news broke last December 19 about Read more »

Gone Phishing?

by February 25, 2014
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There has been a lot of awareness generated about fraudulent activities that target seniors, usually with telephone calls, to get them to give up personal and banking account information. In a digital age, however, anyone who spends time online is a target for ‘phishers’. Phishing is a form of Read more »

Avoiding a slippery situation for your small business

by January 30, 2012

Winter weather can spell insurance disaster! You’re a smart small business owner. You pay attention to your customers needs. You pay attention to your bottom line. How closely do you pay attention to the weather? In the winter, January through March are prime season for icy conditions and that means you Read more »

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