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The government is promising cuts, but can they deliver?

by September 24, 2014
Image for The government is promising cuts, but can they deliver?

There has been no shortage of chatter and speculation surrounding the proposed cuts to insurance premiums being promised by the current Ontario government. And while we could all use a break in the pocketbook, the essential question on everyone’s mind is simply this: Can they deliver on these proposed cuts? If Read more »

Contributing to student success in our community

by September 3, 2014
Image for Contributing to student success in our community

Roughley Insurance Brokers Ltd. and Simcoe Hall Settlement House are Gearing up for Back to School It’s that time of year again when it seems everyone is gearing up for back-to-school.  The Simcoe Hall Settlement House and Roughley Insurance Brokers Ltd. are getting ready in a big way. Simcoe Hall Read more »

The costs keep rising for distracted drivers.

by August 28, 2014

“Drivers in Ontario could soon face much stiffer penalties for texting behind the wheel, as the governing Liberals are set to reintroduce a bill that would boost the maximum fine to $1,000.” As though the physical cost of distracted driving – driving while texting, or talking on a mobile device Read more »

Do small businesses have a false sense of cyber-security?

by July 25, 2014
Image for Do small businesses have a false sense of cyber-security?

A recent article posted on CanadianUnderwriter.ca tackled the issue of cyber-security, and shines a light on the fact that small businesses may not be taking their cyber-risks seriously. Businesses outside the information technology sector seem less likely to seek cyber liability insurance since news broke last December 19 about Read more »

Gone Phishing?

by February 25, 2014
Image for Gone Phishing?

There has been a lot of awareness generated about fraudulent activities that target seniors, usually with telephone calls, to get them to give up personal and banking account information. In a digital age, however, anyone who spends time online is a target for ‘phishers’. Phishing is a form of Read more »

The (deadly) risks of taking your eyes off the road

by February 3, 2014
Image for The (deadly) risks of taking your eyes off the road

We all know that we shouldn”t do it, but at one point or another most of us are guilty of using our

'tis the season… to GIVE!

by December 5, 2013
Image for 'tis the season… to GIVE!

At a time of year when many people are focused on figuring out what they want to GET this holiday season, the staff at Roughley Insurance chose to focus instead on what they could GIVE. Several times each year the Roughley Social Committee organizes community giving initiatives. For the 2013 Read more »

Eyes on the Road

by October 24, 2013
photo courtesy of www.ottawapolice.ca

In an article first posted on Wheels.ca, columnist Henry Stancu gives a breakdown of the statistics of the alarming trend of texting and driving. “Talking on the phone, texting or using any hand-held device while driving is against the law — but many of us still do it. In Read more »

Adult children worried about senior parents' driving, but often unwilling to discuss it

by October 8, 2013

2013-10-01 More than half of adult children of seniors included in a new survey said they were concerned about their parents’ driving abilities, but far fewer are actually having conversations about it.

Winning one for Their Opportunity Kids

by September 25, 2013
Image for Winning one for Their Opportunity Kids

A huge thank you goes out the Their Opportunity Minor Sports Corporation, for once again putting on a tremendous ball hockey tournament benefiting the children of our community and our region. The 2013 event drew players from across the GTA, and our very own Shane Terry brought a team Read more »


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