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The costs keep rising for distracted drivers.

“Drivers in Ontario could soon face much stiffer penalties for texting behind the wheel, as the governing Liberals are set to reintroduce a bill that would boost the maximum fine to $1,000.”

As though the physical cost of distracted driving – driving while texting, or talking on a mobile device – weren’t bad enough, the cost to your pocketbook is about to get even greater.

Government regulators have taken a hard look at the alarming trends around distracted driving, and have determined that the message is just not getting through. Distracted driving has risen to become the leading cause of automobile related fatalities, surpassing drunk driving and speed-related incidents in 2013.

More drivers than ever are using mobile devices while driving, leading many to believe that the current fines and penalties are just not stiff enough to influence people to change this life-threatening behaviour. Most worrying, perhaps, is the attitudes of our youngest – and least experienced – drivers on the road.

“Among Grade 12 students alone, 46 per cent of those who drive said they also texted at least once while operating a vehicle, according to the 2013 Ontario Student Drug Use and Health Survey.”

Besides a staggering increase in the fine – current legislation allows for fines ranging from $60 to $500 but would jump to $300 to $1,000 under the proposed new legislation – Transport Minister Stephen Del Luca’s new bill will also impose three demerit points on top of the maximum fine.

A full story has been published in Canadian Underwriter. To read more, click to visit www.canadianunderwriter.ca.

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